FMWhatsApp Download APK Official Latest Version) Oct 2022

Download the latest version of FMWhatApp Fouad WhatsApp official 2022. FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp messenger. You can get the latest version on your Android device by downloading and installing it.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps today. In 2017, it was estimated that the app has over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Because of this popularity, other users have developed their own variety of mods and knock-off apps. Designers of these APKs usually come up with additional features that are lacking from the official app so that others may enjoy them. FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp is only one among the many mods out there. Before we tell you more about it, did you know that you can find out more mods in SoftGOZA?


Fouad WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

Users are always demanding more from messaging apps like WhatsApp. Without customization options and features to help you stalk a friend or a former flame, users are looking more from WhatsApp. These options are what make FM WhatsApp download on any device.

Note: Many people think that using a modified version of WhatsApp can lead to banning from the original app. This is not true, as we share anti-ban APK download links on our page. You can easily download and use the FM WhatsApp APK on any device without getting banned.

Similar to the official version of the app, you can send messages, make calls, and send files to each other through chat. But with FM WhatsApp, you could also customize your interface and chat screen, go incognito, and watch your friends’ deleted stories. FM WhatsApp offers features that are lacking in the original app.

Download FM WhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp APK latest version 2022. Below is the latest released version of the App. Check out the older versions of FM WhatsApp in the next section.

FM WhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp APK Download

App NameFMWhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
Size67.9 MB
Total Downloads1,000,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and higher
Last updated1 day ago
We recommend downloading “FMWhatsApp from FouadMods”. If you have difficulties downloading it, go for the alternative version. 🙂

XDA used to be one of the oldest developers of WhatsApp Mods such as FMWhatsApp. However, the developers have stopped releasing any new versions of any mods. The last version they released in 2020. We shared the last 2020 version here on this page.

FM WhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Hide blue tick
  • Freeze last seen
  • Remove forwarded tag
  • Hide typing and recording action
  •

Note: FMWhatsApp can be downloaded on all Android devices. That means users can download FMWhatsapp for Xiaomi, FMWhatsapp for Mi, FMWhatsapp for Samsung, FMWhatsapp for Vivo, FMWhatsapp for Oppo, FMWhatsapp for Realme phone from our page. Any device such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, etc, manufactured by Android will support FM WhatsApp APK.

Some Other WhatsApp Mods You Can Try in 2022

Download FMWhatsApp Previous Versions

Moving on to our discussion of apps, take note that developers make mods for those who cannot enjoy the official WhatsApp and want to spice things up. With different mods, you can flex your new and improved WhatsApp mods to your friends and family and spread the mods faster. 

Moving on to our discussion of these WhatsApp mods, it is essential to note that developers usually make these mods for users who can’t enjoy the official WhatsApp and want more features on the app. By using these different Mods, you can share your new and improved WhatsApp mods with your loved ones.

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most popular APK for WhatsApp. It was developed by Fouad Mokdad, who also developed multiple APKs such as FMWhatsApp, Fouad GBWhatsApp, and more.

This mod, similar to other mods of its kind, will enable you to customize your plain old interface with different wallpapers, themes, and fonts. Fouad WhatsApp also helps you with security by featuring an app lock with a customizable password.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Fouad WhatsApp APK and FMWhatsApp, their different features, and where to download safe versions of the mods.

This article will introduce you to Fouad WhatsApp APK and FMWhatsApp, their different features, and where to download them hassle-free.

What’s FM Whatsapp?

FMWhatsApp is an enhanced and better version of the official messaging app. While we don’t find any bugs on the official WhatsApp, the lack of some features is the problem. The APK of FMWhatsApp comes from the same builder of Fouad WhatsApp. Because of this, you’ll observe that the features of the two mods are almost similar. Most features except for the blue buttons.

Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp APK on Android

Before you install the WhatsApp mod on your device, we highly advise you to make a backup of your messages and media files. Backing up is a crucial step because the uninstallation of the app will cause the erasure of all the app data from the device. Failure to backup files will result in the permanent deletion of your files.

We’ve written the steps below on how to download and install the mods on your device:

  1. Back up your messages and media files before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to back up your files:
    • Open WhatsApp and tap on the Menu
    • Click on Settings
    • Tap on chats
    • Click on Chat Backup
    • Click on the Backup button, and this will be saved on a cloud storage
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” when you are prompted before you install the app. Below are the instructions to enable this option on your mobile device:
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Security
    • Enable “Unknown Sources”
  3. Vist your downloads or file manager where the APK file is most likely located
  4. Click on the APK file
  5. Click on the “Install” button.
  6. Installation might take a few seconds
  7. Click on the Open button to launch or the Done button to finish the installation
  8. Open the newly installed app
  9. After launching, click on “Agree and Continue”
  10. Input your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data”
  11. If you’ve followed all the instructions above, then you’ve successfully backed up your account. Click on the Restore button.
  12. In the Menu, you will find the Fouad Mods option

Features of Fouad WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

You might be wondering about the main differences between the two WhatsApp mods. There’s not much of a difference, but if you want to make a comparison, we’ve listed down the descriptions and various features of these two mods.

Fouad WhatsApp 

Below is a list of features that you can get with Fouad WhatsApp once you’ve successfully installed it on your device. We suggest that you try each one on the list so that you can see them for yourself. You might be surprised at the many things you can do with Fouad WhatsApp:

  • Set wallpapers on the home screen
  • Option to put an image next to the bubbles
  • Picture in conversation outside/inside
  • Picture in groups outside/inside
  • Preview Entries Style Before Applying
  • Selected Tab Underline color
  • Line color between chats in Main Screen
  • Date Pending Message color in Main Screen
  • Date Color in Main Screen
  • Mention color in Main Screen
  • Documents Text Color in Chat Screen
  • Mention color in Chat Screen
  • Voice note play button color
  • Voice note play bar
  • Forward icon color
  • Forward background-color
  • Participants Color
  • Call Blocker 
  • White Navigation bar for Android 8.0+
  • Azerbaijani language
  • YoThemes Store design 
  • Saving themes automatically creates a ZIP file
  • Brazilian to Portuguese translating
  • Duplicate New Call
  • Nickname not getting colored in group chats
  • Messages text size does not work for Arabic 
  • Bypass WhatsApp lock with a trick from YoWidget
  • Not showing color options on 8.0+
  • Yowidget is not showing correctly for Arabic 
  • White Status bar causes viewing Images to be cropped
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Disabled forward tagging
  • Hides media from the gallery
  • Loading theme doesn’t apply to wallpaper
  • WhatsApp wrong size on some phones
  • FAB moves to the right in RTL 
  • Speed
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Airplane Mode

FMWhatsApp Features

The demand for more features started the business of developing APK mods. Most apps and games have an APK version. Whether it’s a free version or a modified one, WhatsApp is no different from theirs. These third-party mods are in demand from users because of the added features that you can’t find on the original one, and FM WhatsApp gives you just that.

In this part, we’ll show you the different features of FMWhatsApp and how it works so you could decide if you want to download it for your device.

Freeze your last seen

If you don’t want others to talk you through the messaging app, the original version lets you hide your last seen message. However, you can’t see other’s last seen messages either, whether or not they turned on theirs, which prevents you from looking at their account activity. FMWhatsApp is a bit different.

With FMWhatsApp, you can stalk your friends’ activities, but they can’t do the same to you. The mod enables you to hide your last seen message from prying eyes, but you could still see your contacts’ last seen.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp

Ever wanted to follow others’ activities without being noticed? What about viewing your friends’ stories without them knowing? With FMWhatsApp, you can do precisely that!

While it sounds a bit creepy, we understand that sometimes you want to watch the stories of someone you’re ghosting without them noticing. With this concern in mind, you can hide your view status with FMWhatsApp’s feature.

Hide delivered and blue ticks

There are times that we are too busy to reply to our messages and accidentally leave your friends on seen. While it’s a small mistake, this causes some problems in friendships and relationships, especially if it occurs often. Or maybe you’re not ready to come up with the perfect reply yet. Either way, hiding the blue tick notification is essential for these situations. With FMWhatsApp, the blue tick won’t show up on your friend’s WhatsApp until you’ve replied to them. This means that you can keep scrolling through your messages without being pressured to respond immediately.

Hide typing and recording action text:

Have you experienced looking at your phone without any idea how to reply to that message? What’s more embarrassing is when you realize that the messaging app has shown your contact that you’ve been typing for quite a long time. With FMWhatsApp, you can relax and type the perfect reply until you’re ready to send it!

The mod allows you to hide the typing and audio recording indicator so that you don’t have to be pressured to come up with a reply quickly.

Message a number without saving any contact

Sometimes, we need to send messages to numbers to perform certain transactions. However, this doesn’t mean that you want their number to stick around on your phone’s contact list forever. With FMWhatsApp, you can do just that!

The mod lets you send messages without saving the number on your phone. This feature saves you all the fuss of having to delete the number after sending that one text. This feature is useful for those who need to contact lots of people without having any personal connection to any of them, such as someone managing an online business.

Disable forwarded tag on messages

In the original app, your contacts are notified if it is a forwarded message. With FMWhatsApp, you can now forward cool phrases and exciting content without being called out for your lack of originality. Use FMWhatsApp so that you could continue pretending to be the cool person that you’re not with your friends and family.

Choose who can call you 

Sometimes, getting calls could be quite annoying, especially if the caller is relentless in following up with you. With FMWhatsApp, you could now choose who can call you and which contacts cannot. This feature is quite nice, especially for that friend who has an unpleasant calling voice, right?

Anti-Delete status and messages:

Another way to keep track of others’ activities is to see the stories that they’ve already removed. FMWhatsApp makes you see the stories and statuses that have already been deleted.

This feature is not restricted to stories and statuses, though. If your friend has deleted a message because it was sent to the wrong person or they accidentally sent an embarrassing text, you could still see it. This feature is useful for having a good laugh with your friends.


Bored of the same old plain theme? Maybe you’re tired of the stiffness of WhatsApp’s default font. Whatever it is, FMWhatsApp has the solution you are looking for. Check out Fouad whatsapp! Allows you to change wa colors, themes, save status, hide last seen, and has a call blocker! download from:

The mod offers you choices like themes, wallpapers, fonts, and even a change in the interface. With a wide variety of customization options, you could design the messaging app however you want it. The best thing about it? It’s all free.

To get a virus-free version of FMWhatsApp you can directly download it from our page. These versions are tested for malware and anti-ban. If you are still unsure that your number can get banned by WhatsApp original app, then you can try with a temporary or secondary number to enjoy its features.

Why is FMWhatsApp Not Installing

If FMWhatsApp is not installed on your phone, you should try to uninstall it first. It is possible that your device does not have enough space to install FMWhatsApp. To free up space on your phone, you can delete apps that you don’t use or other things that are not important. After removing the app, you can try to install it again. If you are having trouble with the installation process, you can also check the settings of your device.

If you are using a poor or unstable network then it might be hard to download FMWhatsApp. Try to update your network or restart your router to fix the issue. Also, if you have the latest version of the Android then it would be much easier to get FMWhatsApp APK. Since the APK is not available on Google Play Store, you must download that from this page. Before you download the APK clear your device cache to make the installation process smooth. FMWhatsApp will not violate or affect WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. After installation, verify your phone number by SMS verification.

You can download and update FM WhatsApp APK from our page to enjoy all the features for free. The APK version we shared is an anti-ban version. Also, users can anytime get back to the original WhatsApp if they want. Download FMWhatsApp APK 2022 from here now.

How To Update Fmwhatsapp

In case you want to update your FMWhatsApp app, you must backup all your messages, media, and chat history before you proceed to the update process. You can backup your messages to the memory of your phone, or you can backup them to Google Drive. After the update, you must restore your messages and chats.

The new features of FMWhatsApp include the ability to hide messages or to read messages that have been deleted from the inbox. These features are great for people who do not want to talk to a lot of people. There are also several customization options available for this app. You can change its theme and appearance, and enable anti-delete messages.

Before downloading FMWhatsApp, make sure your device can support downloads from unknown sources. You can check if your device supports them by checking its settings. If it does, open the app’s APK file and tap on it. The app will take a few minutes to download.

Another great feature of FMWhatsApp is that it can share larger files than WhatsApp does. It can send up to 700MB files and 100 images. In addition, it also disables the forwarding tag. This means you can send cool phrases without worrying about being called out as an inauthentic person. FMWhatsApp also offers anti-delete protection.

Users of FMWhatsApp can change the color theme of their contact screens and customize their interface. They can also change the notification icon. Moreover, they can add up to 250 characters in their status fields. They can even record voice notes using one touch. There is also an option to hide specific notifications. The new version of FMWhatsApp allows users to change their themes. Aside from being more customizable, FMWhatsApp also gives users access to new emojis.

The FMWhatsApp app is regularly updated and comes with tons of cool new features. You can update the app through the app store or an online website. The app will also automatically update the latest version of the app. It also has advanced call blocking functions. Besides the cool features, FMWhatsApp also offers a higher visual experience.

Users can change the app theme according to their taste and mood. Currently, FMWhatsApp supports more than 110 themes. There are many more to choose from than ever before. You can also download themes from other sources to make FMWhatsApp your own. And because FMWhatsApp supports custom themes, you won’t have to deal with theme restrictions.

Users can also choose to freeze or hide last seen. This will make your conversations private and help you block people who annoy you. If you don’t want to be bothered by unwanted chats, FMWhatsApp is an excellent choice. It also supports multiple accounts.


What’s the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

FMWhatsApp possesses the features that WhatsApp users are looking for in the original app. From hiding your current status to customizing your app, this mod is full of options that you won’t usually find in the official WhatsApp.

What’s FM WhatsApp? Is it any good?

FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It offers users features and options that the original app doesn’t provide.

Where can I download FMWhatsapp?

You can search for several download links on the Internet. Because it’s not an official version of WhatsApp, you cannot find it on the official app distribution service of your device. When downloading mods from the Internet, make sure that your source is safe.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Fouad Whatsapp?

Fouad Whatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It comes with a lot of extra features compared to the official WhatsApp.

Can we use both apps Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp app together?

Yes. Because both mods have different file names, you can have both mods installed on your phone. But you will have to use different mobile phone numbers for each app.

Can we use the Fouad WhatsApp app for IOS?

No. Unfortunately, there is no IOS version available of Fouad WhatsApp.


When you’ve been using an app for too long, sometimes it just gets boring even if they’re functioning just fine. There is no problem with using some mods for your app. As long as you are careful of the risks of being blocked by WhatsApp.

If you want to customize the look and feel of your WhatsApp messaging app, you can change its default theme colors by installing FMWhatsApp. There are various themes to choose from. You can also import themes from external sources through XML files. If you want to customize the look of your phone, even more, you can change its fonts and color schemes.

What are your experiences with using mods? Have you tried FMWhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp before? Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

Are you willing to risk mods to enjoy your messaging experience? Then download the APKs now. Let me know what you think about your new app in the box below.

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