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If you’re planning to start a business in Arizona, you might be wondering which registered agent is the best. After all, the best registered agent is the one who has the best reputation among clients. The best registered agent will be able to meet the needs of their clients and ensure that they deliver documents on time. ZenBusiness is an outstanding example of a registered agent company that offers a wide range of additional services. You can find out more about ZenBusiness in the following paragraphs.

Best Arizona Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance offers a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to meet your needs. They offer a license manager service, which helps keep track of your business’s license renewals. They also help you register with revenue departments, ensuring your taxes are properly paid. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call them or contact them through their website. Customers regularly mention the name of their consultant in their reviews, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the help you need.

Harbor Compliance is a relatively newcomer to the registered agent industry, with a record of serving 25,000 organizations since its founding in 2012. You can read reviews on their website, on Facebook, and on Google. They have received positive reviews on all three sites. While this service does not have as much experience as some other companies, its reputation is still good enough to earn a place on your short list. It costs between $89 and $99 per year to use its registered agent services.

As an added bonus, Harbor Compliance offers specialized support to its clients. Its friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, while the company’s team of experts has a thorough knowledge of the laws of the state. Aside from that, they also offer discounts for multiple states. You can also benefit from their $99 annual discount. There is also the option of getting a single company account, which can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Harbor Compliance offers a number of features that make their service stand out from the competition. You can even opt for their free one-year trial. However, you’ll have to pay for the service each year after that, and after you’ve had a chance to use the service, you’ll have to choose another registered agent. This company is well-reviewed on Google and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Another great feature of Harbor Compliance is their street address in New York. Not only does it offer a registered New York address, but they also provide mail scanning and uploading. In addition to the registered address, they provide other valuable features, such as compliance alerts and legal background checks. Lastly, they also offer online document repository and articles of organization filing with the New York State Division of Corporations. However, they may not be as responsive as the other two, so you should consider both of them.

Northwest Registered Agent

The service offered by Northwest Registered Agent is second to none in Arizona. They excel at every aspect of business, from providing statutory agent services to keeping their clients up to date on regulatory changes. In addition, they forward mail and protect data while offering the best llc service in Arizona. This article will provide an overview of the service they offer. This article also includes a helpful comparison of Northwest Registered Agent and Zen Business, two other companies in the same market.

For a small business in Arizona, using a registered agent is a necessity. Not only do you need a physical address in Arizona, you must also comply with state regulations. Luckily, Northwest Registered Agent does all of these things, and more. It provides instant access to legal documents on the company’s website, scans mail, and provides excellent customer service. You can even sign up for multi-state service for a discount.

A reputable arizona registered agent should offer comprehensive customer support. You’ll receive unlimited email reminders and access to online filings. A national business will not have to deal with additional paperwork. This way, you can focus on expanding your business instead of focusing on the registration process. They also provide streamlined solutions to help you comply with the laws in your state. By signing up with a registered agent, you’ll save money and avoid unnecessary headaches.

While it is not required to publish your business’s name in a newspaper, hiring a commercial Statutory Agent in Arizona will protect you from legal issues. Northwest Legal Services offers a discount for llc University readers. In addition, they scan all state notices to your arizona llc and provide service of process for a low fee. Before you move on to your next lesson, you’ll need to hire an Arizona LLC Statutory Agent. When incorporating a business in Arizona, you should list the Commercial Statutory Agent as your Registered Agent.

In addition to providing a business address in Arizona, Northwest Registered Agent also offers a virtual office and a variety of support options. However, they charge more than Northwest Registered Agent does, and the latter does not provide as much help with filing. They do however, offer a physical Arizona address to their customers and are open to the public during business hours. However, they do not provide any filing alerts or help with filing. If you need an arizona registered agent, Northwest is the better choice for you.


LegalZoom is an online service that offers a variety of legal services. The company is well known, with millions of customers and over a million businesses formed. Their brand power is unmatched by their competition. The website has many helpful tools, such as a document library and legal forms. LegalZoom also provides a limited liability company formation service. Its registered agent services are overpriced, however. LegalZoom has many negative customer reviews, but overall they have a good reputation.

As the most widely used and recognizable name in the online business services industry, LegalZoom has a good reputation. It has millions of customers and a massive advertising budget. However, its limited services and lack of positive customer feedback make it a less suitable choice. Here are some pros and cons to consider. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of LegalZoom arizona registered agent service. Weigh these benefits against the company’s price, and then decide if it is worth the money.

ZenBusiness: A registered agent should have an excellent reputation in the community, and they are easy to work with and provide good support. They also provide business registration assistance. They will handle the documents on your behalf. You can add additional services to help your business grow. You can also choose an Arizona registered agent to handle your business registrations and incorporations. Just make sure the person you choose lives in Arizona. For a lower cost, you can opt for the ZenBusiness option. Its service is a little less expensive than Northwest Registered Agent, but it does not come with the same level of services.

Although LegalZoom is well established and offers many legal services, customer reviews have mixed feelings. Many complain about hidden fees and a slow registration process. However, the company does offer a good variety of features and products. For instance, it helps clients create an llc and prepare for business formation. LegalZoom Arizona registered agent reviews can provide information on the company’s services and their clients’ experiences. There are also a number of good points, but it’s important to consider these when choosing an online registered agent.


If you’re based outside of Arizona, you can designate a registered agent in the state using an IncFile service. You can choose to use an Arizona lawyer or accountant, or you can use an online business service. You should compare the requirements of each state before deciding on a registered agent service. Generally, registered agents take an online backup of the documents to ensure that they’re safe and secure. However, it is worth checking if the registered agent is licensed to conduct business in the state.

If you’re looking for a registered agent in Arizona, you should find one that offers both a free trial and competitive pricing. You can also find a great value by reading online reviews. In addition to legal support, IncFile Arizona Registered Agent service provides a wide range of other benefits, including email, phone support, and more. It’s important to keep in mind the deadlines and fees associated with each option, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

A registered agent is an essential part of registering a business in Arizona, and it will act as your legal point of contact if you need to file any legal notices. It also serves as a physical address in Arizona, which is ideal for business registration purposes. Moreover, the service will scan your mail and upload it online the same day. Lastly, you’ll have access to your legal documents online – whether they’re from the Arizona Corporation Commission, or another state.

An IncFile Arizona Registered Agent service has some advantages over Northwest Registered Agent. Its registered agent services are free for the first year, but you have to pay $119 for the following year. It has a variety of other features including online dashboard, automatic mail forwarding, and tailored notifications. It’s easy to see why IncFile is so popular despite the price. So what are the pros and cons of each registered agent service?

The best registered agent in Arizona service should offer the best value. A registered agent will keep your company in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. An agent will be able to forward legal notices to you without any hassles. Additionally, they’ll forward mail and scan your legal documents. In general, Harbor Compliance’s registered agent service offers great service. However, the customer support team is lacking compared to Northwest Registered Agent, but the reviews are very positive.

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