How To Use FMWhatsApp: A Quick And Easy Guide

FMWhatsApp is one of the popular WhatsApp mods available. If you are wondering how to use FMWhatsApp then here we are to help you. In the era of so many social media platforms, it is not so difficult to learn about a new messaging app. The best part about FMWhatsApp is it comes with many advanced and easy features.

how to use fmwhatsapp

So how to use FMWhatsapp? It is a question that a lot of people have, and that is why we are here. So if any of you have used WhatsApp before, then it is great, which makes you pass the learning curve. But here, let us get you some info about using the APK file and getting ready for internet communication!

FMWhatsApp – Know the Tabs!

There are three tabs in the file, and within those tabs, we will learn the way of communicating. So the three tabs are messages, statuses, and calls. Let’s talk about these things in a better way, read on,

  • Messages: With the help of this messaging tab, we can get to the text, make groups, or broadcast lists as we like. We can search for the name of the person we want to text and then send them a message right away. In the same chat window, we can send the message, and we can also send pictures, videos, documents, contacts, and many more. So it will be a great thing.
  • Statuses: In the status tab, we can upload a picture or a video on the status, and it will be visible to every contact for 24 hours. The status will be visible if we don’t change the settings and set it to some contacts only. We can also remove some of the contacts, and they won’t see the status.
  • Calls: There is a chance of calling the contacts in just a click too. We can video call our friends, and there is no extra charge for that no matter where they live. This way, we can call on the minimal cost of the internet and forget about any hassle at all. So just click on the name or select the other contacts for the group call.

Other Features of FMWhatsApp

Along with the main features, FMWhatsApp also has some features like saving status, dark theme, remove ‘forwarded’ tag, and many more. These features are not available on the original app.

Turn on and off the internet

Mostly when we use the apps that run from the internet will run in the background all the time. But with the help of FMWhatsapp, we can turn off the internet specifically for the app. There is a symbol of the airplane which we can turn off if we want to cut off the internet for the app.

We can also turn off the internet from the settings, but that is more time-consuming than clicking the symbol. These mods have made our life easier, and we love the features they have added to the basic and traditional WhatsApp.

Bottom Line

At last, there are a lot of social media websites that we can use. But FMWhatsapp is like the must-have apps of all times.

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