How to Use GBWhatsApp – Communication With Your Friends

In this era, learning how to use GBWhatsApp is a piece of cake for many. Especially, the ones who have used WhatsApp messenger already can easily understand GBWhatsApp. Using WhatsApp mods is easy, although not many people are familiar with these APKs. There are many people who believe that using modified apps leads to a ban from the WhatsApp original app forever. But it is not true. The mods are independently developed with new features.


The mods, especially GBWhatsApp, are famous these days because they have the features that we have been looking for in the normal WhatsApp. But now that we have these mods, life has become a little more fun and private. But a lot of people are new to this, and they don’t know how to use it too.

How to Use GBWhatsapp!

Using the app is not that hard; to be honest, it is so effortless and amazing for sure. We all have used WhatsApp at some point, and then we have moved on to this amazing application. So the basic things are all the same in both the apps, and there are not too many changes. So here, let’s learn How to Use GBWhatsapp!

  • Messages: We can send the messages to our contacts who are using the app right away. Just search for the contact and then send them the message. It can be a starter of the conversation, or it can be related to something urgent. People also send pictures, videos with QR code security, documents, emojis, and a lot of things. So yes, it is a pretty easy thing.
  • Calls: Calling is an easy thing, and with the help of that, we can get to call anyone we want. All that you need to do is open the tab, search for the name, and done! After placing the call, it is easy to add someone with the “+” button and make it a group call. It will be a great thing, and we can enjoy this a lot.
  • Status: Status is like a part where we can get to see what others want to share. We can share videos, images, some text, or links too. So it is an easy thing and helps to connect with others too. We know how full of a hassle it is to send the same picture or video to the same people, so why don’t we share it on status? It will be easy, and it will be easy to interact too.


These are the basic things that we get to see on the app. If we want to know how to use it, we just need to know these things and other features are explained in the settings. So just explore the APK file in your free time and enjoy all the features that we cannot on traditional WhatsApp.

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