How To Use Yo Whatsapp: Easy Steps and Quick Tips

A lot of people are afraid of using WhatsApp mods as some people believe that it can ban you from the original app. It is not. However, many people are skeptical to use the modified app thinking it is hard to use. But when it comes to using YoWhatsapp, we can ensure that it is worth learning for sure. There are so many features that you would enjoy, and they are easy to learn too!

how to use YoWhatsApp

Here! Learn How to Use YoWhatsapp!

If you have used WhatsApp before, then there is no way you will find using YoWhatsApp difficult at all. So here goes!

The Homepage

Once we open the page, we see the chats in a list there. But if you are a first-time user, there won’t be any chats. It is easy to start the chat or even make a group. Every time we open the app, it will open to the messaging tab, and we can use it very easily. In the same tab, we get to see three symbols in the right upper corner.

One is an airplane, one is a magnifying glass, and the other is three round dots. The airplane will help turn off the internet for the app to avoid any disturbance. The magnifying glass helps search the chats or the name of the contact. The third one gets us to the settings of the app.

Status Tab

Once we swipe the home page to the left, we get to the second tab. This one is having access to the status people are posting on their account. It is the best way to communicate through pictures or videos. People also add texts or links to their statuses to other access. We can send a reply on the very status and make it a starter of the conversation.

We can also put up the status and get to show everything that we want to. It is very easy to change the settings and let the status accessible to whom we want it to be. It is going to be an easy thing for sure.

The Calls

It is very easy to make calls normally too. But once we try and make the international call from our sim card, that can cost us a lot. But thanks to YoWhatsapp, that there is no need for us to worry about the money. On a simple internet recharge, we can make the voice as well as the video calls to whom we want to. It is such a great thing to do and experience. Also, thanks to YoWhatsapp, we can choose who can or can’t call us too.

The Last Say

Lastly, all we want is a good internet conversation, and we get that with this messaging app. It is an application that is a must-have, and there is no way we can deny its necessity.

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