How to Find the Best Louisiana Registered Agent

When looking for a louisiana registered agent, you can choose from many different services. Some provide only basic services, such as accepting mail for the company or forwarding it. Others offer a full suite of services, including document scanning and uploading to an online portal. There are also those who specialize in specific areas, such as llc formation or identity theft protection. If you’re not sure which louisiana registered agent will meet your needs, read on to learn about some of the most popular services available.

Best Louisiana Registered Agent

CSC Global

The CSC Global customer service team is comprised of attorneys, accountants, and former business owners. They are equipped to answer nearly any business question or inquiry. The registered agent team will listen to the issue and find a solution that’s efficient and effective. Their registered agent service fee is $125 per state, per year. To find out more, visit their website. Alternatively, you can call their customer support line.

IncFile is another good registered agent. This service provides a local street address in Louisiana, receives and forwards your mail. They also file important deadlines with the Louisiana Secretary of State. These services can be very valuable for a startup business. If you’re not sure which one to go with, IncFile offers two tiers of pricing to meet your needs. If you’re in Louisiana and need a registered agent, IncFile is an excellent option. It provides a street address in the state, receives mail during business hours, forwards mail, and files compliance filings.

The price of CSC Global’s services is higher than those of many competitors. There’s no pricing information on CSC’s website, so you need to call their customer support team or email them directly. However, if you need a cheap registered agent in Louisiana, CSC can be a good option. The registered agent service includes a good standing calendar of secretary of state deadlines, fillable PDF forms, and eFiling links. Additionally, CSC also supports transactions and formations in Louisiana.

The CSC Global registered agent service has been around for 120 years, and they have a proven track record of reducing risks and meeting deadlines. They also have an eFiling link for easy filing. With so many benefits to choose from, you can find the best louisiana registered agent in just a few clicks. And, if you’re still not convinced, you can try LegalZoom.


The ZenBusiness website offers a free one-year registration as a registered agent for your llc. In addition to offering a free one-year registration, the company offers a large list of great features. Although Zen Business does not have the lowest price, it is one of the most affordable options available. The company is rated five-stars by more than 4,700 users. It is also one of the most popular services for LLC formation.

While ZenBusiness charges a slightly higher fee than its competitors, their customer support team is made up of entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants. They are highly responsive and will answer any of your business-related questions. The website is easy to navigate, and ZenBusiness Louisiana Registered Agent provides software to track annual reports. It is worth taking a moment to review ZenBusiness’s customer support team and the pricing structure. While you may not be able to get an instant quote, ZenBusiness’s staff is highly responsive and provides excellent customer support.

While Louisiana does not require you to incorporate your llc, it does require you to file certain documents at the office of the registered agent. Although the process of incorporation isn’t legally required, you’ll want to have an operating agreement for your LLC so that you can be protected in the event of a lawsuit or a dispute. An Operating Agreement is a legal document between the company and the owner, and a placeholder version can be downloaded from a website.

You can elect to serve as your own registered agent for your LLC. Some companies may choose to employ an employee as their registered agent, which can be advantageous for some businesses. Other companies choose to hire a national or local registered agent to do this job. Whatever you choose, you’ll be happy with the results. The ZenBusiness registered agent website is free, and you’ll get the registered agent service for the same cost as using LegalZoom.


You may have heard of the role of registered agent before, but how does one find the best one for their company? While a registered agent can be an employee, lawyer, or other company, it is important to keep in mind that the person must be a resident of Louisiana. The person must be able to accept and respond to official documents and correspondence regarding the company. Some smart registered agent choices include an accountant or other partner of the LLC.

The name LegalZoom carries millions of customers. This name recognition is unmatched in the industry, and the company spends far more money on advertising than its competitors. The company also offers many different services. These services range from filing a company’s incorporation documents to registering a business. For more information, read our review of LegalZoom’s registered agent services. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using LegalZoom as your Louisiana registered agent.

Although LegalZoom’s website paints a negative image of the company, it is worth checking out their customer reviews. Currently, they have a 3.92 rating with the Better Business Bureau, and it has had 287 complaints filed against them. Read the reviews carefully to make sure that the company meets your needs. While there are many negative reviews on LegalZoom, most customers have praised the company’s expertise, speed, and helpfulness.

While many companies offer a Louisiana registered agent, you should ensure that you get an attorney’s advice before choosing one. The best way to get an attorney’s advice is to consult a Louisiana registered attorney. You’ll need one with knowledge of business law. Using a company formation service like LegalZoom is a smart idea, but make sure to do your homework. Make sure to check their disclaimers first.

Harbor Compliance

If you want a low-cost registered agent in Louisiana, you may want to consider Harbor Compliance. While it’s a relatively new company, it has already served more than 25,000 organizations. Its customer feedback on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau is all positive. While it doesn’t have as many years in business as some of the other companies on our list, Harbor Compliance has a solid reputation and excellent service.

The customer service team at Harbor Compliance is comprised of former entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals with extensive knowledge of business law. Because they’ve been in your shoes, they can answer any question you have about running a business. Plus, they listen to your questions before providing solutions that are accurate and efficient. You won’t find a more knowledgeable registered agent anywhere else in the business world.

Another service that stands out among the best registered agents in Louisiana is Harbor Compliance. Harbor Compliance offers all the Louisiana registered agent services that you need for a low price. But, it’s worth noting that its customer service is not as patient as Northwest. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your documents, you’ll have to contact your state’s office to ensure your documents are in good standing. Moreover, you’ll also get a 10% discount if you sign up for several years.

Harbor Compliance is a full-service registered agent in Louisiana. They offer a physical address, draft your articles of organization, and accept service of process. The registered agent also receives mail and documents, and scans them before uploading them to their online portal. Plus, you’ll receive compliance filing notifications from Harbor Compliance, which will remind you to file important documents. Harbor Compliance offers low-cost registered agent services that are both effective and affordable.

Northwest Registered Agent

If you’re planning to register a business in Louisiana, you should choose a professional and reliable registered agent. If you’re still unsure of which company to choose, you can consider Harbor Compliance. This Louisiana registered agent company provides all of the necessary services to register a business. They charge a low fee of $99 per state per year. They don’t provide exceptional service, but they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget.

A registered agent service provides many benefits, including a business address in Louisiana, scanning of mail, online access to all documents, and LLC formation. These services are incredibly convenient and provide valuable compliance alerts. Northwest Registered Agent in Louisiana offers affordable rates and excellent customer service. You’ll only need to provide basic information once to register your business with them, and they’ll auto-populate it onto all forms. They’ll also scan all documents locally, saving you the hassle of transferring them from another location. Their fees are competitive, too, and they offer discounts for multiple-state service.

The company’s customer service is excellent. Representatives listen to customer concerns and ask a lot of questions to get to the heart of the problem. This comprehensive approach to customer service is something that’s rare in today’s world. The company charges $125 per state per year, and their team is always happy to assist their customers. There’s no better way to protect your privacy than by using a registered agent who will listen to you and offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

For louisiana llcs, a registered agent is crucial for the legal and regulatory requirements of the state. Without a physical address, foreign or non-resident llcs aren’t permitted to do business. Thankfully, registered agent services offer solutions to these problems by holding offices in each state. They help you create your LLC without hassle. You can save time and money by hiring a Louisiana registered agent. You’ll also get free registered agent services from Northwest Registered Agent for one year if you use their Louisiana service.

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