Washington Articles of Organization

You can order Washington llc articles of organization through mail, fax, or in person. If you want to receive your articles by mail, you will need to provide your daytime phone number in addition to the articles. If you are requesting articles of organization by fax, you can also order them online. The order form will require a small fee and you can track it if you pay the expedited processing fee. If you’d like to receive your articles of organization faster, you can choose expedited processing.

Washington Articles Of Organization


The State of Washington allows individuals to form their own business by filing articles of organization for an llc. The forms can be filed online or by mail, and require all necessary documentation. Once completed, these forms will check to see if the name of the business is available and pull any related registered companies. Listed documents are more secure than paper copies. These documents can be stored on your personal computer or hard drive for future reference. This form is also referred to as a certificate of formation.

To file for your limited liability company in Washington, you must file articles of organization with the Secretary of State’s office. You may file an application online or in person. The latter is more convenient, since you can obtain immediate processing. Typically, a filing fee of $200 is required, but you can save money by filing articles of organization online. You can also use a formation guide to assist you with the process. These guides will also explain how to fill out the forms and provide helpful information.

To file washington articles of organization for an llc, you must be a resident of the state. Washington’s Secretary of State website can help you prepare the form. There are different kinds of LLCs, but they all have the same general information. If you’re forming a foreign or domestic company, make sure to have a written operating agreement and a certificate of formation. The operating agreement will detail the specific requirements for your limited liability company.

The Washington Secretary of State also allows other forms to amend your articles of incorporation. These include separate forms for changing the principal address and charging or discharging your registered agent. If you want to incorporate your business in Washington, make sure to check the Secretary of State’s website before you get started. The information that you need to provide may not seem crucial, but it will help you avoid costly fines. There are several benefits to filing the articles of organization in Washington.


The state of Washington has specific requirements for LLC articles of organization. An LLC article of organization establishes the entity. In Washington, this legal document must contain the words Limited Liability Company or LLC. In most cases, an LLC will choose general. However, you can change this purpose at any time. Be sure to update your article of organization regularly. It will be important to update it in case you ever change your business purpose.

If you’re filing for incorporation in Washington, you will need to fill out the articles of organization. You can download and print fill-in-blank PDF templates from the secretary of state. Alternatively, you can hire an attorney to draft your articles of organization for you. Just make sure they meet the state requirements. Otherwise, your LLC will be barred from operating in the state. It is also important to consider the type of corporation you’re starting.

You must list the name and address of a registered agent on your washington articles of organization. Your registered agent will be the person who receives service of process and official correspondence. If a lawsuit was filed against you, the sheriff or process server would go to your registered agent’s address to sign the complaint. The Washington Secretary of State requires every corporation to list a registered agent. Your agent can be an individual, a business entity, or another legal entity registered with the state. Just make sure they have a physical address in Washington.

Certified copies of your washington articles of organization are available upon request. You can order them by mail, fax, or in person. If you are filing for incorporation in Washington, you can also use the online process. The articles of organization can be filed in two to five business days. You can also order your copy through the online process. A certified copy of your Washington articles of organization can be obtained within a few business days. You will need to pay an additional fee for expedited service.

Filing fees

If you’re starting a washington llc, you will need to file the state’s articles of organization. Also known as the certificate of formation, the articles of organization are the most important document for your LLC. It is imperative to make sure you submit the correct and complete information, including the name, address, and UBI number. If you’re unsure of what this document requires, use the Secretary of State’s Website.

The state of Washington requires all corporations to name a registered agent. The registered agent acts as the official point of contact between the corporation and the state. The registered agent must be available to receive legal communication and formal documents on behalf of the corporation. It is important to hire a registered agent who will be available during business hours and ensure your company meets all of the state’s requirements. If you’re in doubt about the responsibilities of the registered agent, check the Washington Secretary of State’s website.

The state of Washington has a fee structure for filing articles of organization. The fees are listed below. Washington’s fees vary by state. Some states require a fee for filing articles of organization, while others don’t. If your business is a new one, you can start by forming an LLC by filling out the required documents online. You can then use the Secretary of State’s online service to file your articles of organization. The state requires that you designate a registered agent with a Washington physical address.

If you already own an LLC, you’ll need to transfer it to Washington. To do this, you will need to file an amended Certificate of Formation. The Amended Certificate of Formation costs $30 and you can use Incfile to file your documents for free. Another important document for your business is the federal employer identification number. You must get a Federal Employer Identification number from the state if you plan to employ more than one person.

To establish an LLC in Washington, you must file the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. The articles of organization in Washington are called Certificate of Formation in most other states. These documents can be obtained from the Washington Secretary of State. Filing the articles of organization in Washington will cost you about $200, and you can file them online or in person. There is an option to expedite the filing process if you want to file the articles of organization on the same day. If you want your documents processed faster, you can pay an extra $50 for expedited service. In addition to filing articles of organization, foreign LLCs also need to pay fees for city endorsement.

Required information

Filing for washington llc articles of organization can be done in person or by mail. Make sure to include a daytime phone number. If you do not have a printer, you can scan and upload documents. Once you have these documents, you must submit them to the Secretary of State. Filing the Articles of Organization takes a few weeks, and you can expect to pay around $20. Once the articles of organization are approved, you will receive the company’s certificate of organization.

The Secretary of State can provide you with other forms that you can use to amend your articles of organization. For example, you can use separate forms to change your registered agent and principal address. It costs around $60 to file for a company in Washington. A company’s annual report must be filed every year. You can use Incfile to file your washington llc annual report. A business EIN is also needed to open a bank account for it.

In Washington, LLC articles of organization must list all members and the manager of the business. This document also serves as a certificate of formation for the business. It gives information about the members and general information. It is important to protect your LLC by keeping the document in a secure place. You may even want to keep listed copies of the documents, as they are more secure than paper copies. The Secretary of State’s website even offers an online service for filing articles of organization.

The articles of organization must also include a list of directors. While directors’ addresses are not required, they must be listed. You must also list the number of authorized shares. Each share has a par value. If your company is incorporated in Washington, the registered agent must be available during normal business hours. You may also decide to incorporate a professional corporation in the state. In both cases, you must file the articles of organization to establish your business.

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