How to Choose the Best Registered Agent for Your Company

When you want to form a company in Alaska, choosing a registered agent will help you to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations. This article looks at a few options that you can consider. Listed below are CSC Global, Harbor Compliance, Incfile, and Rocket Lawyer. These companies are excellent choices if you need legal help for your company. They all charge very reasonable fees for their services. If you want to use a registered agent in Alaska, read on to discover why these companies are the best!

Best Alaska Registered Agent


If you’re thinking about becoming an alaska registered agent, consider LegalZoom. The service provides a number of legal services, including the formation of a business entity, llc, or corporation. The only downfall to LegalZoom is its price, which is more than double that of its competitors. And, while its registered agent service is expensive, the benefits outweigh the cost. Here’s what you can expect.

For your first year, the cost of the service will be $381. The service includes a compliance reminder tool. It also covers nearly 100 jurisdictions, including Alaska. The company boasts more than 125,000 registered agent clients, and has over 100 positive reviews from third-party review sites. As a result, it’s a solid choice for your alaska registered agent needs. There’s no risk of misplaced documents or losing important legal documents.

While most registered agent services started out as an llc formation service, they’re not especially good at anything else. That said, LegalZoom and CSC Global are “Big Brand” services that offer a wide range of legal services, including service of process. As long as you’re prepared to pay them the filing fees, these companies can handle all the legalities of your alaska llc. But if you’re not prepared to pay that amount, you can try Harbor Compliance, a low-cost alternative.

To get started with an alaska registered agent, visit and get started today! The service is fast and easy to use and comes with exceptional customer service. You’ll receive service of process, legal notices, and other communications from the State of Alaska. You can also opt for extra services like compliance alerts or personalized filing calendars. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and convenient Alaska registered agent, LegalZoom has you covered.

Harbor Compliance

If you are looking for a registered agent in Alaska, you can look no further than Harbor Compliance. This small but fast-growing company has served more than 25,000 organizations. With a positive rating on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau, Harbor Compliance is a solid option. Although it has not been around as long as some of the more well-known registered agents in Alaska, it is a solid choice for a variety of small businesses.

While it might be difficult to find an affordable, professional registered agent in Alaska, Harbor Compliance is worth considering. Not only does the company have a fully functional office in the state, but it also offers extra services as part of their subscription. These include compliance alerts, a personalized filing calendar, and a customer service department. The registered office address is also accessible to the Secretary of State and will accept service of process for limited liability companies. In addition to its competitive pricing, Harbor Compliance has a great reputation and consistently receives good reviews on third-party review sites.

Although Harbor Compliance is a new company, their reputation has already been established for its excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Their service is dependable and affordable, and the company offers compliance alerts to keep business owners on top of their deadlines. Despite its low price, it is hard to beat the service they provide, so we recommend comparing prices and customer reviews before choosing the right registered agent in Alaska. There are a few other options out there, but these three are the best ones in the market today.

As a registered agent in Alaska, Harbor Compliance also offers a wealth of business development services. Among these services is email notification and document scanning, which you can use to access the address for your company. They also offer a secure online database that stores documents and helps you stay on top of your business’s compliance. If you live in Alaska, you should definitely look for a registered agent who offers these services, as their customer service is second to none.


In addition to filing articles of organization, you need to have a registered agent in Alaska. A registered agent serves as the company’s point of contact for any official correspondence. This person or business must have an office in Alaska and must be available during regular business hours. If you fail to have a physical office in Alaska or if you use a P.O. box, your llc may be void. Fortunately, Incfile provides registered agent services for free for the first year of your LLC.

As a registered agent, Incfile provides you with a physical address to receive official correspondence. Their services include notifications and forwarding documents. You can also receive your registered agent’s newsletter and other communications in your inbox. Although you can choose to do it yourself, using an Incfile service can make your life much easier. You can get a free trial of their services or subscribe to their service. After that, you can pay a modest $119 per year to receive this service.

Another advantage of Incfile is that it offers a virtual mailbox. It offers clients the opportunity to receive all correspondence at their office or home address, as well as an online mailbox for their Alaskan registered agent. Incfile also scans mail so you can review it online at any time. These services are convenient for home-based businesses. There are no volume discounts. But if you need a registered agent in Alaska, you should definitely choose Incfile.

While a virtual mailbox does not replace a Registered Agent, it does save you time. Your Alaska registered agent will receive high-priority documents from the state and will make sure that your LLC does not miss any filings. And, since state law requires a local contact for LLCs, Incfile provides comprehensive Alaska Registered Agent services for a small fee. Moreover, you can find information about Registered Agents through the Alaska Division of Corporations.

Rocket Lawyer

Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer are similar online services, but with different advantages. Legal Zoom has an extensive marketing budget, and Rocket Lawyer is no exception. Both have a large list of satisfied customers and television advertisements. Rocket Lawyer is a subscription service with over 20 million customers and offers a range of legal services. Customers can subscribe to their legal services and receive substantial discounts. Rocket Lawyer’s customer support team is also available 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rocket Lawyer offers a free trial period and a money back guarantee. You can also save a considerable amount of time by taking advantage of its self-help resources and organized FAQ sections. Additionally, you can subscribe to the service and pay only for what you need. Its membership pricing is subscription-based, which means that you’ll save significant money and time compared to traditional legal services. To use the service, just choose the plan you want and fill out the form.

When you choose Rocket Lawyer, remember to read the fine print. It may include extra charges for documents or phone sessions with legal representatives. Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service costs $112 for members and $150 for non-members. However, non-members won’t receive legal discounts or be able to have phone sessions with their lawyers. The company’s customer service is second to none, and reviews on Google show that their customer support team is responsive and friendly. Rocket Lawyer’s representatives don’t try to upsell you or make you feel uncomfortable with their pushy sales tactics.

For businesses in Alaska, it’s crucial to choose a registered agent who has an excellent reputation and a track record of success. Rocket Lawyer is the best choice for registered agents in Alaska. The online platform offers convenient access to all legal documents in one place, and they offer live chat support. Moreover, its service includes a free week-long trial, which means you can test it out before you spend a dime.


If you’re planning to incorporate in Alaska, you’ll need to find an InCorp Alaska Registered Agent to receive important government notifications and litigation documents. You can use your existing Alaska address for this purpose, but if you intend to expand your business, a national service will be a more economical choice. These companies will handle all your business’s registered agent needs nationwide and have offices in all 50 states. In addition to Alaska, InCorp provides National Registered Agent Services for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A registered agent can either be an individual or a business entity located in Alaska. The registered agent will act as a liaison between the state and the business, as well as the designated recipient of state documents. The registered agent is required to accept service of process paperwork on behalf of a business and report the delivery to the business or forward the documents to it. Alternatively, you can hire a lawyer, accountant, or online business services company to serve as your registered agent.

You can select a registered agent for your company by requesting a free estimate. You can find these services online or in a business directory. Alaska is a highly tax-friendly state and has one of the highest rates of new businesses. You’ll also need to make sure you select an agent that can handle and deliver important documents quickly. For more information, visit the official website of the Division of Corporations. Once you’ve selected a registered agent, you can focus on growing your business.

Once your business has registered in Alaska, you’ll need to select an agent. A registered agent in Alaska can be any person, but they should be an Alaska resident. In addition to a local Alaska resident, they should be accessible during standard business hours during the week. The fees charged by registered agents for these services are extremely low, and they have a nice selection of features. So, whether you need to incorporate in Alaska or a nonprofit organization, you’ll need to choose the right registered agent.

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