How to Choose the Best Arkansas Registered Agent

Are you looking for the best arkansas registered agent? Here are some tips for choosing a reliable arkansas registered agent. Your registered agent is responsible for filing documents, performing all necessary filings, and other llc-related tasks. Make sure that your agent provides 100% accurate service at a reasonable price. In addition, you’ll want to select a registered agent with years of experience. And don’t forget to consider their cost as well. Listed below are the top three reasons to choose an arkansas registered agent.

Best Arkansas Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

If you’re in need of a registered agent in Arkansas, but you’re not sure where to start, Northwest Registered Agent is a great place to start. The company offers a variety of services, including the acceptance of service of process and executing contracts. LegalZoom is a big name in the industry, and has served millions of customers. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and advertise extensively.

Their team is comprised of entrepreneurs, former lawyers, accountants, and small business owners. This team of experts has a wealth of knowledge about Arkansas business and can help you solve any problems you may face. This is the only Arkansas registered agent with this level of customer service. A great company should also be able to offer comprehensive customer support, and Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best at it. However, be sure to ask about their hidden compliance alert fee and the customer support that they offer.

The company charges $125 for a single year of registered agent service. But, you’ll save a few dollars if you sign up for their multistate portal. Northwest Registered Agent has many advantages, including a user-friendly website, great customer service, and genuine solutions. But be prepared to pay $125 – their rates aren’t the lowest in the industry. They also offer volume discounts and personalized customer support.

You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing a registered agent in Arkansas through Northwest Registered Agent. The company offers great prices and industry-leading customer support, including an entire team of lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs who know the ins and outs of business. And because they’ve been in business for so long, their customer service is second to none. Their reviews on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau speak for themselves.

When choosing a registered agent in Arkansas, it’s important to choose one with a physical address in the state of Arkansas. This person can be a family member, attorney, or accountant. They can even be a business owner if they want to. The key is to choose someone who lives in the state and can meet service of process and receive lawsuits. If you’re not able to get to a registered agent, consider hiring a friend or family member as the Registered Agent.

Harbor Compliance

If you’re looking for a registered agent in Arkansas, you’ve come to the right place. Harbor Compliance has offices across the country and will provide registered agent service for your Arkansas business. They are not the cheapest or the most expensive option, but their high-quality service makes them an excellent choice for business owners. Among other benefits, you’ll get access to their secure Client Portal and Entity Manager software, which makes tracking company registrations and maintaining good standing easy.

For an affordable, comprehensive registered agent, consider Harbor Compliance. Though it’s a new company, this company has served 25,000+ organizations since 2012. You can read customer reviews on Facebook, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. Although they don’t have the experience of other companies, their reputation has been firmly established and their customer service is second to none. If you want a registered agent in Arkansas with excellent customer service, this is a great choice.

Harbor Compliance offers a comprehensive range of services for business owners, including llc formation, publishing, and compliance. They take their customers’ privacy very seriously, so their website is secured with Norton Web Security. This encrypts data and scans it for malware. Trustware is also used to protect sensitive data on the website. The registration process itself takes about two weeks, although it can take up to a month for your documents to be processed. If you need more information, you can visit their Information Center, where you can access numerous free resources.

As a registered agent, you can protect your company’s records with security software. You can also save money by signing up for multiple years of service. Not only do they offer competitive prices for registered agent services, but they also provide incorporation and foreign qualification services. To make sure you’re protecting your business against identity theft, it’s worth choosing a company that protects your data. If you’re in Arkansas, consider Harbor Compliance. You won’t regret it! So many registered agents have been compromised over the years, and you need to protect your assets.

The main feature that makes Harbor Compliance stand out from the rest is their proprietary software that helps businesses stay compliant with state regulations. Additionally, their service is available across the country, so you can save a substantial amount of money on your registered agent service without paying excessive fees. Despite the low price, Harbor Compliance has consistently received high client reviews. You can even get volume discounts if you’re planning to register in multiple states.


If you are looking for a legal registration in Arkansas, you have come to the right place. You can now register a company with the help of LegalZoom. If you do not have an agent yet, register your business online today. Once registered, you can easily find a legal registered agent in Arkansas by filling out a few easy steps. However, you need to be careful before signing anything. Not all of the registered agents in Arkansas are legitimate.

The 2012 plan requires that all awards vest before the change in control. To make this possible, the company must adopt an agreement that provides for continued vesting of awards in the event of a merger, reorganization, or sale of its assets. If the change in control occurs because of a sale of LegalZoom stock or assets, all awards will vest immediately. So, if you are an Arkansas registered agent, make sure you read the fine print carefully.

The agreement between Mr. Suh and LegalZoom stipulated that Mr. Krupica would be entitled to 6 months of salary and accelerated vesting of his unvested stock options. The agreement would also have required that Mr. Suh maintain confidentiality of company information and non-solicitation of LegalZoom executives for 12 months post-termination. The agreement also contained numerous other terms and conditions. In the end, Mr. Suh received an unfair termination notice and an award of $40,000 in compensation.

The company had to exceed two key performance metrics in order to qualify for the cash bonuses. The company’s Adjusted EBITDA (AED) had to grow at least 17.7% annually to receive the cash bonuses. The annual revenue growth target was also dependent on LegalZoom meeting its revenue target of $11.4 million. This meant that the compensation committee believed that exceeding its targets would increase its value. Its AED increased by 26% from fiscal 2010 to 2011 compared to last year.


Incorporating a company in the state of Arkansas requires that the business maintain a registered agent in the state. There are several companies that can act as your registered agent. These companies will provide you with a physical address that is open to the public during business hours. You can also receive important documents from process servers through your registered agent. However, the service offered by these companies is not as extensive as that of the Northwest Registered Agent, and they do charge a hidden fee for their compliance alerts.

While selecting a registered agent, you should ensure that the agent you choose is reputable and located in the state of Arkansas. Failure to do so can have negative consequences for the legal status of your company and require additional expenses to correct. The address of the registered agent should be a real street address in the state of Arkansas, as a P.O. Box or mailbox service is not acceptable. You can find an in-state registered agent in your area by performing a search on UpCounsel.

The customer support of the Northwest Registered Agent is exemplary. Not only does their website offer excellent customer support, but their team is comprised of former lawyers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. These people are able to answer your questions and provide guidance that would otherwise cost $5000 a day elsewhere. Northwest’s website and dashboard interface are easy to use. Their team is friendly and professional and they have received many awards. The only other Arkansas registered agent that provides this level of support is Northwest Registered Agent.

In addition to being an effective registered agent, an InCorp Arkansas registered agent can also help your business avoid fines. Failure to respond promptly to a serviced process could lead to legal complications for your company. It is also important to know that registered agents keep their compliance calendar updated, so they can help your business stay in good standing. The registered agent service can also help you share documents on the Internet and notify you of their availability.

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